What is your life?

Many people today find that life can often feel like a treadmill. Others feel that it is a pointless existence. Some struggle to make sense of it all – especially when things don’t turn out as we had hoped.

I used to work in central Glasgow beside a guy who counted down to his summer vacation every year, day by day. As soon a he returned to the office after his two week vacation in the sun, he would book his holiday for the following year, and then write in his diary each day the number of days remaining… 324, 323, 322, 321, etc. We would laugh at his antics every morning when he would announce the number for the day – “248” he would announce, 248 days to go to my holidays.

Although we can look forward to events in life, it is a sad reflection on our lives if all we are living for is our next break from the tedium of work. In many ways we fall into this outlook ourselves when we see work as nothing more than a way of paying the bills. Is that all there is to life – the treadmill of work so we can pay our bills and finally make it through to a holiday.

Many people have even lose sight of these simple goals in life. Life is completely meaningless. There is no apparent purpose, no end goal, no reason for our presence on this planet.